Medrull Smart Blister Plaster M plaster 6 pcs

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1 Stück = 1,15 €

1 Stück = 1,15 €

Modern blister plaster for the effective treatment, protection and prevention of blisters. Blister plasters can also be used on small wounds, blisters, hard tissue, and corns.

Blister plasters containing hydrocolloid are like another layer of skin. It absorbs fluid from the skin, forming a layer that relieves pain immediately and provides optimal conditions for the blister to heal and to protect the blister from pressure and rupture.

Usage: Apply to dry, clean skin. Don't take the blister plaster off until it comes off by itself. Give the blister time to heal. The wound is protected from infection as long as it's covered with a blister plaster.

CE marked medical device. Disposable.

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