Where to buy FinCollagen?

FinCollagen products have been available at Finnish pharmacies since the beginning of year 2016 and at Ülikooli Apteek pharmacies in Estonia since 2018. FinCollagen products may naturally also purchase from our own webshop www.nutrielixir.fi. There are also several partners who sell FinCollagen products to customers.
FinCollagen products are usually slightly cheaper when making a purchase at our web shop www.nutrielixir.fi. There are also product offers often at our web shop and we pay attention to our regurarly buying customers. Buying at our web shop is very safe and our trading is reliable. When making an order at our web shop you will not be committed to follow-up orders.
FinCollagen products are supplied to the Finnish pharmacies by Medifon owned by Finnish National Order of Pharmacists. A person interested in FinCollagen products may visit whichever pharmacy in Finland. If the FinCollagen product is not at store right that moment, pharmacy may take your order and you may agree when the product is available at the pharmacy. Pharmacies do not usually take any extra cost when ordering the product for you from Medifon. If you wish to buy the same product from your pharmacy, ask them to keep that product in their store continously.

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