FinCollagen Active

FinCollagen Active


FinCollagen Active is unique collagen supplement in powder form containing bioactive collagen peptides tested in several clinical surveys. There are little suppliers on European market for this kind of bioactive collagen product.


FinCollagen Active is mentioned for daily, long-term use. The dosable powder is coloured white, odourless and tastes neutral. FinCollagen Active is natural pure product with nou allergens. FinCollagen Active is suitable for everyone - it has no interactions with any medicine and it does not cause a positive result in doping test.


FinCollagen Active is very suitable for active movers, aging people, sportsmen and people wrestling with joint problems. It is recommendable to use product regurarly every day. The daily dosage of 5 g (approx. 1,5 tablespoons) is suitable for active movers and aging people. The daily dosage of 10 g (approx. 1,5 tablespoons) is suitable for sportsmen and persons who have joint symptoms. The effect of the regular use of the product can be felt usually after two months, and after six months at the latest.


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FinCollagen Active 225 g

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FinCollagen Active 450 g

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FinCollagen Active 900 g

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