Distribution services


Nature of business

We are a fast growing Finnish representative, distributor and retailer of medical supplies, cosmetics, consumer goods and health products.

We make sure our customers receive the products their orders quickly and reliably. The expertise of our customerservice, prompt service and flexible operating methods are key quality criteria of our company.

We make sure that we have a ample supply of the products in our stock and that the supply interruptions are short.


Distribution and storage

We handle the logistics of the products we sell with expertise and responsibility. It is important to us that our products are stored and transported in the correct conditions required by the products. Through our distribution channels, you can reach pharmacies, hospitals and grocery stores. The availability and reliability of our product supply as well as a hight quality of our supply chain plays a key role in our business.


Market entry

We help companies to enter the Finnish market and succeed here. We report to our partners regarding sales developments and ensure that products are procured in accordance with their demands.


Sales and marketing

We help and assist those we represent in pharma. We regularly market our products through digital and print advertising, customer letters, product listings, price lists and, as well as directly contactiong potential customers in both the pharmacy and grocery market.


Conditions for the partnership

We expect our partner to prove that it has knowledge and experience in operating on the European market. The products we sell must meet all the quality and conformity criteria required by the authorities.

We distribute products that have a potential to succeed in the pharmacy and retail markets. The acquisition prices of the products we buy from our partners must be at a level that, after two or three consecutive distributor/operator chains, the final cost for end-users, remain reasonable and competitive.


Take contact

If you got interested, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact form by clicking here.