Nutrigen Growmega Fish-oil Syrup enriched with vitamins and minerals 200 ml

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1 l = 49,50 €



Nutrigen Growmega Syrup is fish-oil syrup enriched with vitamins and minerals to support the healthy growth and development of children. The unique composition of Nutrigen Growmega Syrup contributes to maintenance of normal development of bones, teeth and normal muscle function. When bones and all related tissues develop in accordance, children have stronger skeletal system and have longer height.


Suggested Daily Intake:
Children older than 12 months: Take 10 mL daily.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily serving amount. Any food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


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Bone formation and height growth in childhood occurs through a sophisticated mechanism and need some essential nutrients to achieve strong bones.

A Nutrigen Fish Oil Syrup is formulated with the purest and carefully selected amounts of fish oil sourced from sustainably fished waters and is fortified with the vitamins and minerals that are essential for growing children.

Nutrigen Fish Oil Syrup is different from all known conventional fish oil syrups not only in its composition and taste but also in the fish oil content. The fish oil EPA and DHA fatty acids, zinc, L-arginine and vitamins K and D are the essential nutritional factors to promote the development of bone structure and height growth in children.

The main problem with the children in taking fish oil syrup is its taste that mostly makes them to refuse to drink. Now Nutrigen Fish Oil Syrup with its starch ecapsulated fish oil offers amazingly tasting good syrup in fresh orange juice.

The most trustful, sustainable and IFOS accrediated fish oil, Meg-3 by DSM is used in Nutrigen Growmega Syrup.

Nutrigen uses the MEG-3® fish oil which is the most trusted source of EPA and DHA omega-3 from fish oil – without the fishy taste or smell supplied by DSM. MEG-3®is purified for safety, concentrated for potency and sustainably sourced from clean, omega-3 rich ocean fish.

MEG-3® – Highest Quality & Purity MEG-3® fish oil is the highest quality available. With more than 200 quality checks during manufacturing; MEG-3® products meet or exceed global hygiene, quality and purity industry standards.

MEG-3® – Sustainable Source Nutrigen chooses Meg3 oils for our products to support a renewable, sustainable environment by sourcing fish for MEG-3® oils from regulated fisheries where equipment, practices and procedures are in place to protect fish stocks. The fish oil we use is sourced from a variety of wild fish species and is a by-product of either the fishmeal or edible canning industries. No fish are caught for the exclusive production of oil. Supplier company also turns fish oil processing waste into biofuel to operate our state-of-the-art fish oil production facility in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia.


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