SIPO Baby Safety Edge Corner Guards Black 4 pcs

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1 unidad(es) = 1,50 €

1 unidad(es) = 1,50 € Please read the instructions below before starting. Always follow the instructions. Keep the instructions until you stop using the product.

IMPORTANT: The protection is designed to protect the elements against damage. It does not ensure the safety of the child in any way. Please note that some children may be able to remove the protection. For this purpose, it is recommended to regularly check the security status. In a situation where a child will be able to remove the protection, it is recommended to stop using it.

WARNING: Keep away from children, the product is not a toy. Small items may be present.

BEFORE ASSEMBLY: Check if you have all the items.
Make sure that the surface to which you intend to stick the protection is clean and free of any dirt. In the case of dirt, the adhesive strength may be weaker.

INSTALLATION: Follow the instructions and graphical instructions, if applicable.
Peel off the paper covering the tape.
Press the protection firmly at the installation site and hold for a few seconds so that the adhesive adheres properly to the substrate. The adhesive needs 24 hours to reach full strength.

Model: SBS-T11-F2E