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Nieuw Nutrigen Babytamin multivitamin multimineral drops for newborns 25 ml

Mother milk may be fortified with babytamin to give the newborn more vitamins D, A, C and other water soluble vitamins plus minerals.  For 0 – 12 months.

1 l = € 330,00
Aflevergewicht: 0,3 kg

Nieuw Nutrigen Growmega Fish-oil Syrup enriched with vitamins and minerals 200 ml

Nutrigen Growmega Syrup is fish-oil syrup enriched with vitamins and minerals to support the healthy growth and development of children. The unique composition of Nutrigen Growmega Syrup contributes to maintenance of normal development of bones, teeth and normal muscle function. When bones and all related tissues develop in accordance, children have stronger skeletal system and have longer height.

1 l = € 74,50
Aflevergewicht: 0,3 kg

Nieuw Nutrigen Omega syrup 200 ml for children containing high quality fish oil, vitamins and minerals

Nutrigen Omega syrup with its high Fish oil EPA and DHA concentration is for normal and healthy development of nervous system and vision. Brain and nerve development improve Children’s cognitive capacity and support their learning abilities.

1 l = € 79,50
Aflevergewicht: 0,4 kg

Nieuw Nutrigen Supra Syrup 200 ml multivitamin multimineral supplement for children

Nutrigen Supra syrup is maxi-vitamin & maxi-mineral syrup that supplies all necessary micronutrients that gets your children well over average.

1 l = € 64,50
Aflevergewicht: 0,4 kg

Nieuw Nutrigen Vegy syrup vegetable extract combination with vitamins and minerals 200 ml

Now you can serve the beneficial parts of the vegetables that help children to get healthy nutrients of vegetables when they are consuming well enough vegetables. Nutrigen Vegy Syrup helps you to serve cabbage, artichoke, broccoli, leeks, carrot, spinach and celery enriched with vitamins and minerals.

€ 14,90
1 l = € 39,50
Aflevergewicht: 0,4 kg

Nieuw Nutrigen Inulin for kids' normal bowel function 10 dose packs

Nutrigen Inulin is tasty powdered drink mix containing chicory inulin which contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency

1 stuk(s) = € 1,09
Aflevergewicht: 0,3 kg