Quasix SPF30 Anti-Redness Protective Cream 30 g

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1 l = 663,33 €

1 l = 663,33 €


Efficient combination of four natural active ingredients for reducing moderate and severe facial redness and protecting against solar radiation contributing to the problem.

Frequent but non-malignant facial erythema is the reddish colour of facial skin (mainly on the nose and cheeks). Changed facial colour which is initially expressed as a passing flush, tends to be permanent and the skin becomes patchy due to continuous expansion of small blood vessels. Chronic obstruction to blood flow leads to the formation of stinging and burning sensations and facial erythema. Permanent facial erythema forms and deepens due to the impact of different environmental factors which can be solar radiation, rapid temperature changes, spicy food, hot or alcoholic beverages, emotions or stress. Skin erythema occurs most frequently in case of thin and fair skin and it usually deepens in older age if not treated.

LSI has developed a line of cosmetic products designed for the care of permanent redness of skin.

Quasix® products are based on the interaction of four components:
-Quassia (Quassia amara) extract has an antiparasitic and antibacterial action which is especially efficient in taken care of papules and/or pustules. Quassia extract is also known or its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.
-Nicotine amide (Vitamin B3) is a potent inhibitor of inflammation which helps to maintain the barrier function of a healthy skin.
-Glycerol is a skin-friendly humectant which binds water in the skin. 
-Sorbitol helps to maintain optimum balance of skin moisture.

For dry and combination skin for use as a day cream. Has high sun protection factor.
Use: Apply a thin layer of cream on dry and clean skin in need of treatment. Make up is possible after complete absorption of cream.

Store at temperature up to 25°C.
Contraindications: Not known.
Side effects: Not found.

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